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Pictures of Rio de Janeiro? No, Thanks.

When people find out that I have been spending a total of six months a year in Rio de Janeiro for the last couple of years, they always open their mouths in amazement. The “O” shape of their open mouth gets even wider when they realise I have virtually no photographic trace of my lengthy… Continue reading Pictures of Rio de Janeiro? No, Thanks.

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Pa(ck)in(g) again.

It’s time to pack again. Leaving home hurts. Not having a home hurts even more. Leaving your love breaks your heart, each time a little more. When I leave Italy, I always feel the many things I’m going to miss, and when I’m in Brazil I miss them. But when I leave Brazil, I leave… Continue reading Pa(ck)in(g) again.

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Travel? Travel Blog? Blog?

Where have I been? Hm, let’s see. Do you remember those beautiful words from Elizabeth Gilbert I shared, about showing up for my part of the job even when the creative genius is not running through me? And do you remember how I said that I just have to write, and whether you like it or… Continue reading Travel? Travel Blog? Blog?

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Jet Lag & Sisters Issues.

Yesterday and last night were the usual black hole that all my Brazil-Italy trips are. I wake up in the morning, go to the airport, lose my sense of time and suddenly come back to reality (a different one, though) the next morning. So, after all, it’s like waking up very tired on one morning… Continue reading Jet Lag & Sisters Issues.

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Hand gliding.

I really wish I could tell you about my hand gliding this afternoon… But I can’t. It was too expensive and I had to give it up. But don’t worry, I’m going to save money and do it next year (which is so close!). So I’ll start telling you how great my days with no… Continue reading Hand gliding.

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My Hair!

Here I am, folks! My week-end was amazing. Búzios is a beautiful place, and every time I go there I like it more. I’m not very fond of touristic places (those places where you can hardly find somebody who actually lives there and is not just on holiday), but those beaches, and the sea which… Continue reading My Hair!