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Random Acts of Kindness.

Yesterday I was having a very lousy day, anxiety-wise. Actually, lately I’ve been having mostly lousy days anxiety-wise. Since there is nothing right now I can do about my actual problems, I have to keep them for the time being, but in my incapability to just stay still in this mud, I have been prey… Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness.

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Pa(ck)in(g) again.

It’s time to pack again. Leaving home hurts. Not having a home hurts even more. Leaving your love breaks your heart, each time a little more. When I leave Italy, I always feel the many things I’m going to miss, and when I’m in Brazil I miss them. But when I leave Brazil, I leave… Continue reading Pa(ck)in(g) again.

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Am I Procrastinating?

I haven’t figured out where this blog hiatus is going yet. I still don’t know what I want you to find at the end of it, what I want to find at the end of it. How am I going back to blogging?

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Storm of Change.

Things are getting out of my hands. My problems seem so trivial, and yet impossible to solve. I can see people changing their opinion of me. I don’t even know what I think of myself. I’m changing and I don’t know how to handle this. This person I’m becoming, I don’t know her and I… Continue reading Storm of Change.


Grief is Complicated.

Anxiety is complicated. Grief is complicated. What I’m feeling is complicated. And I don’t even know what I’m feeling, which makes it even more complicated. I’m an anxious person, and I don’t know how to deal with grief, so every 16th of July I find myself feeling sad, lonely and speechless. I guess. Should I fight… Continue reading Grief is Complicated.

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Let Help In.

Continuation of the last Tuesday’s post. At this point, I felt like I couldn’t even move, but a war was actually going on inside myself. Those of you who have suffered from mental disorders probably know the feeling of being exhausted all day long, from the moment you wake up until the one you go… Continue reading Let Help In.

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Happy Goat Year and Ten Days to Go!

I was almost going to bed without posting anything, when I realized what a special day today is! Today, the 19th of February 2015, is the start of a new Chinese Goat Year! And guess when I was born? On the 28th of March 1991, another Goat Year! You see where I am going, right?… Continue reading Happy Goat Year and Ten Days to Go!