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Random Acts of Kindness.

Yesterday I was having a very lousy day, anxiety-wise. Actually, lately I’ve been having mostly lousy days anxiety-wise. Since there is nothing right now I can do about my actual problems, I have to keep them for the time being, but in my incapability to just stay still in this mud, I have been prey… Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness.

Friendship · Mental health

Something Vulnerable.

2016 seems to be slipping through my fingers extremely fast. I blinked, and next thing I knew I had graduated from my BA, I had turned 25, and June had come and gone. Oh, and I had published virtually no posts on my blog.

Friendship · Love · Mental health

Let Help In.

Continuation of the last Tuesday’s post. At this point, I felt like I couldn’t even move, but a war was actually going on inside myself. Those of you who have suffered from mental disorders probably know the feeling of being exhausted all day long, from the moment you wake up until the one you go… Continue reading Let Help In.

Friendship · Mental health


When I have problems or when I’m feeling down, I need to talk about it. Letting it out helps me make my chest lighter. Moreover, by talking I always get to new perspectives and/or new solutions, and I end up feeling relieved, at least partially.