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The Hurricane is Moving!

Hey there! Yes, you understood correctly: the Hurricane is moving to a new domain!

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Creativity and Vulnerability.

After days of feeling as low as only mental illness can bring you, this morning suddenly something hit me. There was no way I could simply¬†eliminate the negative energy that was filling me. I could have waited for it to pass, but I wasn’t able to read or do anything with it, it had become… Continue reading Creativity and Vulnerability.

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Embracing non-Definition.

Some days ago I mentioned a new writing project of mine to a new acquaintance. He was surprised to find out I was hoping it to turn into a book, rather than just an article. My answer was that writing is the only life direction that has ever made sense to me, the only thing… Continue reading Embracing non-Definition.


About a Tattoo, or Two.

Hey, folks! How have you been doing? I am feverish, I have a sore-throat, a runny nose and I feel so weak – yes, it is possible to get a cold in Brazil! – so let me tell you of better days. Two Saturdays ago my boyfriend and I drove to a tattoo shop downtown… Continue reading About a Tattoo, or Two.

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Where Have I Been?

Hey there, I have been away from quite a while. In the attempt of finding something interesting to talk about, I found nothing, and haven’t written in ages.

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About Custom Design and Food Intolerances.

I was here thinking, did I pay for a Costum Design on WordPress just to keep the same soft background and the same fonts for a year, until it expires and I have to go back to normal? Of course the answer was NO, SIR!

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I Need to Get Away.

I need to get away. Away from this house. Away from university. Away from people. Away from stomach aches. Away from Italy. Away, far away. But what do I want to reach? Independence. My boyfriend. Creativity. Positivity. Love. Work. Brain activity. Real life. Myself.