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Followers, Follow Me!

As I announced on my previous post, I have moved to a new domain. I have already imported all my post from this blog to the new one, and I am already publishing new posts there. I have recently uncovered the mystery on how to import Italian Hurricane’s subscribers to the new blog, so be… Continue reading Followers, Follow Me!

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The Hurricane is Moving!

Hey there! Yes, you understood correctly: the Hurricane is moving to a new domain!

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Pictures of Rio de Janeiro? No, Thanks.

When people find out that I have been spending a total of six months a year in Rio de Janeiro for the last couple of years, they always open their mouths in amazement. The “O” shape of their open mouth gets even wider when they realise I have virtually no photographic trace of my lengthy… Continue reading Pictures of Rio de Janeiro? No, Thanks.

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About Custom Design and Food Intolerances.

I was here thinking, did I pay for a Costum Design on WordPress just to keep the same soft background and the same fonts for a year, until it expires and I have to go back to normal? Of course the answer was NO, SIR!

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About About.

So, in this N-month long reflection about what this blog is about – and what I am about – I thought maybe editing my About page might be a start. Sure, not having found an answer to my questions yet, it wasn’t an easy start.

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Blog Break.

Yep, I have been away for quite a while now… And my blog hiatus is still not over. As a part of my psychological path, confusion has taken over lately. I have experienced happiness, sadness, love, hate, euphory and depression all at once. I keep on telling myself it’s just a phase, but the truth… Continue reading Blog Break.

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What I’m Into: July 2015 Edition.

I have been in Italy for over three months now. August is the worst time to be here: All the shops are closed, nobody is in town, there is absolutely nothing to do for the few lost souls who are still here… I might as well tell you about my last month! For this post, I’m… Continue reading What I’m Into: July 2015 Edition.